Stockport Christian Spiritualist Church  

Music and Meditation

every Wednesday at 7-30pm

We ask that you arrive 15 minutes before the start so you have chance to get settled.

Everyone attending will sit in a circle and begin to meditate to music. Whoever is taking the Meditation class will talk you through a journey. Once this journey is over, each person in the group will share with everyone any philosophy they received during their meditation.

What is Meditation?

Meditation can be very empowering, because it teaches the individual's mind to become still. Your mind rarely focuses on one particular thing: you tend to think of many things at the same time.

Not all the thoughts and memories we have are positive or give you a positive feeling. Meditation can help you still your mind, especially if you feel overwhelmed at times by negative situations that you find yourself in.

Concentration involves focusing on one thing only e.g. your breathing, a candle, a flower with no involuntary memory slips. The more you concentrate, the more relaxed your mind will become. You will feel more peaceful and gain a new perspective on life.

It takes dedication and time to be able to meditate and eventually some people will begin to receive communication from spirit, others will just enjoy the calm and relaxed feeling that comes from the meditation.